Imab & Inmobling 


Two different teams with the same passion: homes with personality.

The commercialization of the Imab-One is done exclusively through the agency Inmobling, based in the capital of Maresme (Mataró).

Its offices are located in C / Argentona, 34 de Mataró. (08302).


It is an architecture studio created in 2007, with an accumulated experience for 10 years in projects carried out by its founders.

The new study was born with the aim of offering a global service, developing complete architecture projects, with the support of external collaborators from a previous common trajectory, such as structuralists or engineers, who are integrated into the study process, giving an optimal result, both from the architecture and from those more technical aspects.

In the second stage of Gaab, from January 2011, the study is regenerated from the constant relationship with professionals in the field of architecture and other professional areas of different aspects, thus being able to offer complete products, from the beginning of the proposal to the fact of being able to work with the concept turnkey. Thus, the office is nourished by the knowledge and professionalism of technological construction companies with wood, advertising and communication, budget analysis and construction costs, green solutions for roofs and facades, engineering and energy audit and management economic and legal architecture. With this conglomerate, Gaab Architects intends to give a firm and agile response to all the circumstances with which it is found.


Second generation of real estate agents in the Maresme.

Since 2011, the Inmobling team is dedicated to selling and renting special homes.

BLING: would be the word that would define the sparkle of a diamond. That is the basis of the company, offering only bright homes. Imab-One is the clear example.

Of all the homes managed to date, this is undoubtedly the most special. The possibility of extreme customization, supervised by an expert team in high-end housing, is something that we are passionate about.

“When the Imab team put the project on the table, we did not doubt it for a second. This is going to be a success “, Oriol Ricós. Founder of Inmobling.



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