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Interior finishes


We design houses that make you feel good. Cozy, efficient and harmonious.

The combination between efficiency and design is the challenge to which the studio is more accustomed.

The proposal is based on well-defined spaces designed to take advantage of the views.

In the «projects» section you can see how the interior finishes have been solved in other properties already delivered.



It achieves a great result of unity and fluidity of the architecture with the continuity of the pavement in the day area, ground floor, lengthening the porcelain of the porch area and pool as interior pavement. This pavement also serves us for the toilet and the service area.

For the suite, a large natural floating parquet, in order to provide this area of the house with greater warmth.

On the first floor we keep the porcelain on the stairs and place the parquet floor in all the rooms and the studio.

The geometric uniqueness of the circular scale leads us to choose a continuous pavement such as the microcement. We also take advantage of this material on the first floor to achieve a more youthful and casual finish.



Interior carpentry

Exterior finish with high resistance lacquer. Steel fittings and stainless-steel treadmills from the Tecosur brand. The sliding door that separates the entrance area from the dining room will be veneered with aged cedar, giving it an intentionally different appearance from the whole.

As for the cabinets, we have the same exterior finish as with the doors and an interior veneered with aged oak with standard distribution according to detail.

Fittings and toilets

The taps of the Maier brand, model Cylinder high-end in all wet rooms of the house. As for the toilets we have chosen the Duravit brand. We will use porcelain plates from NEOLITH for the washbasins and countertops forming a whole set with an exclusive design by Gaab Arquitectos. Specifically in the upstairs bathroom there is a bathtub free of the Isabella Waldorf brand, model Antwerp.


living room

Dining room that communicates with the terrace

Dining room that communicates with the terrace

The living room is located in the back of the house, facing south, with spectacular views of the sea. Designed with large windows that bring amplitude and luminosity to the plant. Direct access to the terrace.


Independent kitchen with island

The house will have kitchen furniture from the manufacturer Eggersmann. Furniture with handle type gola. Kitchen equipped with Neff brand appliances (induction hob, multifunction oven, microwave, integrated dishwasher). “Pando” with a built-in extractor hood and Liebherr with a side by side set of fridge and freezer.

As for the worktop, we propose a high strength porcelain plate from the manufacturer Neolith, model Artic White. For the area of the island, we bet on a Neolith, model Calatorao, which at the same time covers all the furniture in this area, except for the bar that will be made of solid oak. 



The bathrooms will be totally or partially covered with porcelain stoneware in conjunction with the pavements. Otherwise, the countertops in the spade areas in the bathrooms will be finished with Neolith. This allows to unify the material in all these spaces. Another virtue that this material has is its possibility of cutting it into sizes. This allows to generate varied and personalized explodes.






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