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Imab One is the latest proposal presented by the well-known architect Josep Aurell. The most special project made to date. The first Imab house in the Valles Occidental. 

Una vivienda de calidad extrema, con una distribución interior totalmente personalizable.

Vamos a realizar un diseño exclusivo y único a medida de sus nuevos propietarios. Lo único que se va a entrever con el resto de casas Imab construidas en otras localidades, es la predilección del equipo por los materiales nobles y los detalles elegantes elegidos en todos sus proyectos. 

Esta casa unifamiliar aislada, va a ser construida sobre una parcela prácticamente llana, esquinera, de más de 1.000m2, con privacidad absoluta, orientación al Este,  unas vistas panorámicas de Collserola y del Vallés.

Extreme customization:

From the base proposed by the study, we will begin to work on the personalization of the home.

After analysing their needs through several interviews with Josep, the architect nicknamed “El Sastre” by his clients, we will present the final proposal. A proposal based on all your requirements and that we will combine with the experience of the Imab team in the construction of quality custom homes.

We are before the beginning of the materialization of the house of your dreams.

See in this section the latest houses delivered by the studio, all of them tailored to their new owners.

See in the “PROJECTS” section, the latest houses delivered by the studio, all tailored to their owners. 


The chosen site complies with the four major parameters that Imab requests when considering the acquisition of land to build a quality home: orientation, topography, views and accessibility.

In this case, the South orientation is in the direction of the view.

The access to the house is from the North façade. This allows to leave both the accesses and the garage in the back, which proved excellent privacy to the rest of the house. 

Thus, the implementation of the house becomes unmatched privacy to the other sites analyzed by Josep Aurell, the architect. 

As for the position, the house is totally oriented to the south, to ensure optimum sunlight. Based on horizontal protection eaves, combined with motorized external blinds, the building accurately controls the solar incidence in relation to the weather station. During the summer, the Sun rotates very high and the geometry of the design prevents it from entering the house. On the contrary, during the winter, when the Sun moves to much lower height, the project receives a direct solar incidence that allows a natural heating of the house.

Especially in our latitudes, we must take special care with the east and west orientation. Especially the latter, since in summer periods it affects very horizontally. If you do not protect the design against it, you can overheat the interior dependencies excessively during the summer.

Taking into account all these parameters and adding the geometry of the place, as well as the most attractive visuals, the house is projected with the North facade practically blind, to minimize to the maximum thermal losses. The East façade is closed to provide the house with some intimacy in front of the neighboring buildings and to open the house to the greatest orientation, being this the South-West. In this way, the entire South façade is projected to the outside through large openings.




Of course, energy rating «A».

Technological houses full of comfort. Systems such as air conditioning or hot water by high performance aerothermy, intelligent air renewal, climate channel that provides both ventilation and air conditioning, including the Oxygen. Low-H2O radiators, CO2 control in each room, “Fancoil Brisa”, which will produce heat or cold for an optimal temperature or Strada type heat emitters of the JAGA brand, among other technologies that are detailed in the Facilities section.

healthy housing


For Imab One, the use of natural materials that avoid CO2 emissions in its industrialization process is considered. Wood is a clear example of our philosophy. For each tree that is used to provide us with the raw material (beams, pillars, insulation, cladding, pavements, etc.), five new ones are planted. This is guaranteed by our main supplier, the leading German company in the Binderholtz wood construction sector.

We also avoid the appearance of electromagnetic fields produced by electrical installations.

In addition, for the healthiness of the house, we will use cutting-edge high-performance technology, such as that provided by the air renewal machines with Jagal brand enthalpy recuperator. This system makes it possible for the house to be permanently ventilated and at the same time free of suspended particles such as mites.

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