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The Imab concept was born much earlier than the project of this house. Everything goes back to 1995, when Josep Aurell, architect in charge of the project, started his career.

In the beginning, Josep specialized in the realization of large projects for public entities, almost always related to large sports facilities.

Years later, through a very special commission, Josep discovers his true vocation: high-quality custom homes or, as he calls them, «The Unique Homes».

Design efficient, beautiful, logical houses, high quality and integrated into the environmentJosep Aurell

Since 2011, Josep and Imab, their team, have dedicated themselves to their true passion, building «Unique Homes» according to their new owners.

Some of his clients have nicknamed him “The Tailor”. His ability to materialize the needs of each family never ceases to amaze us.

From sports centers to movie houses, his long experience in different areas has allowed this visionary architect to become a reference in terms of personalized homes. 

Josep is in love with functional architecture; his specialty is efficient construction and sustainable materials.

The Imab team offers us a comprehensive service to cover all the requirements of its new owner. All the clients of the studio obtain an exclusive and absolutely personalized home.

His obsession with controlling the process is the guarantee of success.

Josep tells us between laughs how he designed on a napkin the ideal furniture for the television of one of his last projects.


for a more efficient world


Imab-One is the latest proposal presented by the study. A project for the construction of an avant-garde house with 4 winds located in the North Coast of Barcelona (Premià de Dalt).

A unique home that stands out for: the views of the sea, sustainability, quality, its unique design and its livability. Undoubtedly, the most exclusive project in the area.

We are going to build a functional home that aims to make the experience a unique experience for its future owner.



 Pure design, always thinking about the functionality and comfort of the family that acquires its new home.


Exclusive materials

Where wood becomes the main material for the efficient construction of this exclusive home.


Functional and sustainable architecture, guaranteeing class «A» energy efficiency, for lower energy consumption.

personalization without limits

Custom design

The mission of Imab-One is the construction of the house with which you have been dreaming for some time, supervised by a team fascinated by quality.

A personal and unique home; from the design of the spaces to the selection of materials.

The Imab team is responsible for integrating everything in the most respectful way, minimizing the impact on the environment to the maximum.

The only denominator in all the Imab houses: the noble materials and the elegant details of all their projects.


projects already delivered

isolated unifamiliary housing



isolated unifamiliary housing



isolated unifamiliary housing



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