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The facilities in this house are solved in such a way that the property can be certified energetically as class A.

To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art technology such as high-performance aerothermy and intelligent air renewal ventilation systems.


Air conditioning

Both the air conditioning and the supply of domestic hot water will be carried out through a high-performance aerothermy of the Daikin house. As for strictly air conditioning and ventilation, we propose an intelligent air renewal ventilation system that provides both ventilation and heating and/or cooling of the JAGA house.

A Zehnder Nestsystems radiant air conditioning system is proposed to achieve maximum levels of comfort and eco-efficiency in both summer and winter. We expose the main strengths of this installation:

– Maximum comfort

The radiant climate allows for a stable climate in both summer and winter. With the same comfort that offers the sun in winter or a cathedral or a wine cellar in summer.

The radiant climate allows for a stable climate in both summer and winter. With the same comfort that offers the sun in winter or a cathedral or a wine cellar in summer.

The indoor environment (temperature and air quality) greatly affects our overall well-being, hence comfort is increasingly valued. An air conditioning system without the problem of air conditioning guarantees the perfect temperature and humidity conditions for the human body during any day of the year.

– Safe operation

We can only talk about comfort when we feel confident that the system works perfectly from day one. For this reason, Zehnder guarantees the functioning of the system, not just its products.

The user interface is simple, easy to use and lockable for public premises. The technology involved is transparent to the user. The temperature and humidity control is automatic and Zehnder always has the possibility to monitor the power station via internet.

– Health

In the absence of air currents, Radiant air conditioning considerably reduces the spread of bacteria, mites, dust, etc., with the consequent sanitary advantages. This is especially important for allergic people and locals where dust is a very negative factor.

Ideal for housing and health-related sectors: hospitals, clinics, geriatrics, as well as nurseries, schools, etc.

– Energy saving

Radiant Ceiling Air Conditioning Systems save consumption of between 35% and 50%. The power requirements are lower and machine performance is improved because operating temperatures are much more favourable.

– Freedom of design

Clean surfaces, free of elements, offering maximum project freedom. Without aesthetic or technical limitations; very important in housing, schools, wards and other public places.

Second, we propose 1 ventilation Zehnder Comfosystems with high efficiency heat recovery. This system also has a built-in CO2 detector to control the indoor air quality. It consists of ventilating the house naturally with a rechargeable recuperator, with an efficiency of 94%.


Lighting: One of our strengths. This section we treat with great precision to be able to propose a delicate result and that contributes to provide the spaces of the house with the personality it deserves, since each corner responds to a specific functionality that requires a color, a particular light tone and intensity. We work to propose the most appropriate response to each stay. Thus, the lighting of the house responds to this rigorous lighting project of the house Deltaligth, considering the general lighting, both interior and exterior.

In addition, we are committed to providing the house with a domotic control system, which allows the user to generate many lighting scenarios in a single space according to the needs of the moment, and at the same time allowing the control of its intensity. Through the programming, you can modify switching of different switches to your liking owner.


In order to optimize all these resources, we also provide the house with a KNX general control system that allows us to control the house. The air conditioning, the lighting, the solar incidence with the manipulation of blinds, the purification and filtering of the pool and other aspects can be controlled with this system through a smartphone or a tablet, from any point of the planet.

All domotic mechanisms will be Jung brand. Jung’s home automation offers multiple design options and a unique range of products. This allows you to create your own smart home.

This system responds directly to comfort, safety and energy savings. These results can only be achieved through intelligent control and monitoring of all the products involved.

The blinds “screen”, Griesser brand, consist of an engine compatible with the KNX system that allows domotic control.


It is foreseen the placement of TV sockets, telephone and connection to living room, kitchen, rooms and study; as well as WiFi signal repeater antennas to guarantee a good coverage to each of the plants.

The security is perimeter type on the outside with surveillance cameras, from the manufacturer Plana Fàbrega, and with volumetric in the interior.

Examples: Casa Vistalegre y casa Ametller

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